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Retrospec Koda 16

Retrospec Koda 16
This item is currently not available.


Two-wheel style, with four-wheel support. Your beginner rider wants to cruise with the big kids, but not without a little help. Koda is Retrospec’s newest generation of cool-kid bikes. Koda is equipped with top-rated safety features for smooth, intuitive riding for beginner cyclists. This sporty bike is perfect for little riders speeding off to the races. Koda’s sturdy steel frame is built to withstand every learning curve. A protected chain guard keeps their legs safe as they pedal off to the next pursuit. Sidewalk whips, park zips, and even some trip-ups along the way are to be expected. Koda’s specially designed frame, adjustable seat and handlebars, and removable training wheels allow the bike to grow with them.

Koda is designed for early riders familiarizing themselves with bikes. Balanced training wheels help them find their center as they pedal off to their next adventure. Bright colors, fun streamers, built-in water bottle holders, and more make Koda the coolest kid bike to ever hit the sidewalk.

Don’t guess your kiddo’s height—growth spurts mean you should take a quick measurement. There will be some overlap so pick the size that gives them the most range to grow. Most kids' bikes are measured by wheel size. You may be tempted to bump them up a size to “grow into”—don’t. It’s better to keep them safe and comfortable than get another few months of growing time on a bike.

Ensure sure your child has the motor skills to operate the bike. Retrospec Koda uses coaster brakes (back pedal brakes) for safety, ease, as well as a handbrake to develop braking skills until your child is older and more experienced to ease into handbrakes and gear shifters.

- Height range: 28 – 38 inches


Frame Low-profile, easy step-over/stand-over frame design, easy on/off and learning for tiny tots
Fork Steel 1" threaded
Rims/Wheels Steel
Tires 16 x 2.125"
Handlebars Steel 22.2mm
Stem Quill, Steel bottom/alum top
Brakes Coaster brake rear + sidepull front
Saddle High-back saddle with handle prevents kids from sliding off the back, easy-to-carry, great for the parental clutch grab
Seat Post Steel 25.4mm/1"
Accessories & Extras Removable training wheels

* Subject to change without notice.